About Sleep Science

SLEEP SCIENCE is the official journal of the Brazilian Sleep Society (ABS - Associação Brasileira de Sono) and Latin American Federation of Sleep Societies (FLASS - Federación Latinoamericana de Sociedades de Sueño). It is an international, interdisciplinary and open access journal dedicated to investigation of sleep, chronobiology, and related topics. The journal welcomes original studies, reviews, short communications, theoretical essays and case reports in both pre-clinical and clinical research. Research areas include:

  • Sleep physiology and mechanisms;
  • Sleep deprivation, sleep restriction, and shift work;
  • Sleep disturbances, such as Sleep Apnea, Insomnia, Narcolepsy, etc;
  • Chronobiology, melatonin and clock genes.

This journal is a peer reviewed, subsidized open access journal where Brazilian Sleep Society pays the OA fee. Authors do not have to pay any open access publication fee. Peer review under the responsibility of Brazilian Sleep Society.

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