VOLUME 3 - ISSUE 4 / 2010

Lia Rita Azeredo Bittencourt
Sleep Sci. 2010;3(4):iv
Sleep-disordered breathing and heavy drinking: clinical features and polysomnographic findings
Pablo Antonio Maia de Farias, Alison Menezes Araújo Lima, Pedro Felipe Carvalhedo de Bruin, Veralice Meireles Sales de Bruin
Sleep Sci. 2010;3(4):119-124
Incidence of weight gain and obesity in night shift workers and the relationship of these factors with sleep
Daniela Schiavo, Milva Maria Figueiredo de Martino
Sleep Sci. 2010;3(4):125-130
Sleep deprivation increases seizures induced by cocaine in rats
Monica Levy Andersen, Gabriela Matos, Raquel Cristina Silva Martins, Sergio Tufik
Sleep Sci. 2010;3(4):131-135
Electroencephalographic and electrocardiographic synchronic activation during sleep apneas detected using coherence wavelet method
Susana Blanco, Marcela Smurra, Hernando Sala, Cecilia Di Risio
Sleep Sci. 2010;3(4):136-142
Sleep and behavioral research: overview on global trends and Brazilian contributions to this field
Gabriel Natan Pires, Monica Levy Andersen, Sergio Tufik
Sleep Sci. 2010;3(4):143-148