VOLUME 8 - ISSUE 1 / 2015

Re-examining sleep's effect on motor skills: How to access performance on the finger tapping task?
Sofia Isabel Ribeiro Pereira; Felipe Beijamini; Roberta Almeida Vincenzi; Fernando Mazzilli Louzada
Sleep Sci. 2015;8(1):4-8
Beyond mean values: quantifying intraindividual variability in pre-sleep arousal and sleep in younger and older community-dwelling adults
Kristy D. Shoji; Caitlan A. Tighe; Natalie D. Dautovich; Christina S. McCrae
Sleep Sci. 2015;8(1):24-30
Clinical factors associated with extreme sleep apnoea [AHI > 100 events per hour] in peruvian patients: a case-control study-A preliminary report
Jorge Rey de Castro; Charles Huamaní; Franklin Escohar-Córdoha; Cesar Liendo
Sleep Sci. 2015;8(1):31-35
Sleep disturbances and mild cognitive impairment: a review
Renata Alves Pachota Chaves da Silva
Sleep Sci. 2015;8(1):36-41
Treatment of upper airway resistance syndrome in adults: where do we stand?
Luciana B.M. de Godoy; Luciana O. Palombini; Christian Guilleminault; Dalva Poyares; Sergio Tufik; Sonia M. Togeiro
Sleep Sci. 2015;8(1):42-48
Infancy narcolepsy: Streptococcus infection as a causal factor
Danielle Antunes Lopes; Fernando Morgadinho Santos Coelho; Marcia Pradella-Hallinan; Maria Helena de Araujo Melo; Sergio Tufik
Sleep Sci. 2015;8(1):49-52