VOLUME 11 - ISSUE 2 / 2018

Insufficient Sleep Syndrome: Is it time to classify it as a major noncommunicable disease?
Vijay Kumar Chattu; Sateesh M. Sakhamuri; Raman Kumar; David Warren Spence; Ahmed S. BaHammam; Seithikurippu R. Pandi-Perumal
Sleep Sci. 2018;11(2):56-64
TRODAT SPECT in patients with idiopathic REM sleep behaviour disorder
Geraldo Nunes Vieira Rizzo
Sleep Sci. 2018;11(2):65-68
Withdrawn and wired: Problematic internet use accounts for the link of neurotic withdrawal to sleep disturbances
Anne Danielle Herlache; Kathryn M. Lang; Zlatan Krizan
Sleep Sci. 2018;11(2):69-73
The role of sleep deprivation and fatigue in the perception of task difficulty and use of heuristics
Mindy Engle-Friedman; Gina Marie Mathew; Anastasia Martinova; Forrest Armstrong; Viktoriya Konstantinov
Sleep Sci. 2018;11(2):74-84
Seasonality, morningness-eveningness, and sleep in common non - communicable medical conditions and chronic diseases in a population
Syaron Basnet; Ilona Merikanto; Tuuli Lahti; Satu M?nnist?; Tiina Laatikainen; Erkki Vartiainen; Timo Partonen
Sleep Sci. 2018;11(2):85-91
The influence of socio-economic status on the severity of obstructive sleep apnea: a cross-sectional observational study
Dimitrios Papadopoulos; Anastasia Kikemeni; Alexandra Skourti; Anastasia Amfilochiou
Sleep Sci. 2018;11(2):92-98
Insomnia and sexual dysfunction associated with severe worsening of the quality of life in sexually active hysterectomized women
Alvaro Monterrosa-Castro; Angélica Monterrosa-Blanco; Teresa Beltrán-Barrios
Sleep Sci. 2018;11(2):99-105
Urinary incontinence and sleep complaints in community dwelling older adults
Neda Sadat Nazaripanah; Yadollah Abolfathi Momtaz; Farideh Mokhtari; Robab Sahaf
Sleep Sci. 2018;11(2):106-111
Severe obstructive sleep apnea treatment with mandibular advancement device: A case report
Maria de Lourdes Rabelo Guimar?es; Ana Paula Hermont; Thais Moura Guimar?es; Cibele Dal-Fabbro; Lia Bittencourt; Cauby Maia Chaves Junior
Sleep Sci. 2018;11(2):118-122
Effectiveness of a lightweight portable auto-CPAP device for the treatment of sleep apnea during high altitude stages of the Dakar Rally: a case report
Marius Lebret; Bernard Wuyam; Dominique Bertrand; Christiane Chaudot; Jean-Louis Pépin; Jean-Christian Borel
Sleep Sci. 2018;11(2):123-126